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NA7 Whatsapp is a free modded version of the official Whatsapp developed by Nassar al Zaidi. It has an advanced status, chats, custom privacy options, and even more highly advanced settings, which is why it has many users worldwide. 

Let’s discuss more about it. 

About NA7 WhatsApp

It is a modded version of official Whatsapp. 

It is very popular because of its advanced communication and messaging features and settings, such as more privacy and security settings, customizable theme, Airplane mode, themes store, different effects, different types of emojis, Icon, and fonts, and many more options, features, and settings that we will thoroughly discuss in this complete guide.  

More Information

Application NameNA7 Whatsapp
DeveloperNassar-Al-Jaidi (Egyptian)
Application Size79MB
DeviceAndroid, iOS, and PC
Theme ColoursBlue, Green, Red, Pink, Gold, Brown, Black, Indigo

NA7 WhatsApp Overview

Application Downloading & Installing Method

The application’s free download method is mentioned below, follow the steps as guided. 

  • Go to the top of this page. 
  • You will see there a download button, simply click on that. 
  • The latest version download will get started. 

Now, let’s discuss the installation method. 

  • Open your phone file manager. 
  • Look for the APK section and click on that. 
  • You will see there the NA7 Whatsapp updated APK, click on that and Install it. 
  • After that open and look for the new version daily, because you will need to update it manually. 
  • That’s it. 

Note: The official WhatsApp will get logged out when you successfully open the NA7 WhatsApp on your device. 


It has a great number of advanced security, privacy, and many more features that we have discussed in-depth below. 

Feature #1: Airplane Mode

When you activate this feature, you will not receive and send messages. 

This is one of the best features because when you are in an important meeting, or if you are sleeping, you will not receive any message or call from anyone and you will be more relaxed. 

Airplane mode activating method
Airplane Mode Activating Method screenshot 2

Feature #2: Advanced Privacy Settings

You can set up the privacy as you want. 

If someone has sent you the view once message, you will able through this app to watch that multiple times, however, this is not the only privacy feature in this app. 

Let’s discuss more. 

  • Hide View Status: You can watch your contacts’ status without showing your identity. 
  • Anti-Delete Status: If someone has deleted the status or story, you will still be able to watch that. 
  • Anti-Delete Messages: If someone has deleted a message after sending it to you, you can still see that through this app. 
  • Show Blue Ticks After Replay: You can see the messages without showing them that you have watched until you send them a message back. 
  • Custom Privacy Settings: You can also set up custom privacy.

Indeed, it has a great feature in the privacy section which is why most people are using it. 

Note: If you have set up privacy as you want and after some time you want to keep the default privacy settings then you can use the reset privacy option. 

Feature #3: Theme Store

If you do not want to use the default theme of the application, don’t worry, there is an option for theme store in settings, where you can try a lot of different themes with different colors such as black theme, while theme, etc. 

This is one of the great options, you can personalize the experience of the application as you want, through these themes. 

Feature #4: Effects

You will be amazed to hear that it also has great effects such as falling, transition, scrolling list animations, and even scroll effects in the chat screen that improve the experience to a high level. 

You can set up these animation effects in a place where you want, such as the home screen, chatting screen, and many other places in the application and even you can also set up the intensity. 

Feature #5: Emojies / Icons / Fonts

Just like an official WhatsApp application, here you will additionally find many more types of Emojies icons and even you can select your desired messaging fonts. 

Feature #6: Conversation Screen Settings

As we all know, the main place in all communication platforms is the conversation screen and the good news is that you can also personalize this section. 

You can make your conversations more private by hiding the profile pictures, names, call buttons, and contact status of your contacts and even you can change the colors of image borders, action bar, contact status background, and more. 

Feature #6: Media Settings

Indeed, the NA7 mod version is a great place, where you can try the media settings too, you can set it to send the images and videos in full resolutions, and you can set up the voice notes personalization too. 

Feature #6: Backup & Restore 

Backup and restore options are available under the main settings, you can create a backup of your media ( such as images, and other data ) and if you have lost that data in NA7, there is an option of restore where you can also recover the lost data. 

Feature #6: Message Scheduler

You can schedule your messages. 

For example: If you want to sleep at 4:00 AM and you also want to send the message at the same time, how will you do that? The answer is; that you should schedule your message at 4:00 AM and the good news, is you can schedule your messages through this modded application, as shown in the image. 

Feature #6: Mass Message Feature

Mass messages mean sending messages in bulk, if you want to contact multiple users at the same time, you can do it through the Mass messages sender feature in the application, however, you can do it at your own risk because there is a chance of an account ban. 

Feature #6: Auto Replay 

If you are busy, and someone sends you a message, you can set up the auto replay, which means that the system will automatically send him the pre-setted message to him. 

This is a good feature in this application, if you are using this feature, your friends will always be happy because of instant auto replay. 

Feature #6: Home Screen Settings

The home screen setting is located under the main settings, you can personalize your home screen as you want such as changes in the header section, and stories, also you can change the colors of the elements, and you can make many more changes to your home screen. 

Note: The application has also all of the official version features and these were the extra features and most people use it because of these extra options, settings, and features. 

NA7 Whatsapp vs Official Version 

FeaturesNA7 WhatsappWhatsapp
DeveloperNassar al ZaidiWhatsapp INC
Number of FeaturesExtensiveLimited
Anti Delete Status Feature
Blue Tick Privacy
Theme Store
Animation Effects
Fonts Styles
Personalized Home Screen
Personalized Conversation Screen
Data Backup
Data Recovery
Message Scheduler
Send Bulk Messages
Auto Replay

Old Versions

Here are its old versions, you can also download them here. 

  • NA1 Whatsapp. 
  • NA2 Whatsapp. 
  • NA3 Whatsapp. 
  • NA4 Whatsapp. 
  • NA5 Whatsapp. 
  • NA6 Whatsapp. 


WhatsApp is a common communication application that provides an end-to-end encryption system to secure the whole process.

Many people use it to share, videos, audio, images, and many more things, if you want to experience some more features in WhatsApp then you should install NA7 WhatsApp because it has a lot of extra features that are not available in normal WhatsApp. 

Specifically, most people throughout the world use it for advanced privacy options and personalized user experience. 

Thanks for being ready, share it with friends!

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